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So here we are brand new website rolling out with lots of new stuff all ready for Christmas.  We left you a present right here on the site too. If you get our emailer the Dirty you got a PASSWORD to enter for your present and if not maybe you wanna sign up and get your present  Get The Dirty

Todd's last gigs will be Jan 3-4 we will miss him.  I'll still be performing with him acoustically in 2 Dudes With Acoustic Guitars and he most likely will be back to sub for us but we wish him all the best in his new musical adventures 

Also Launching this year Dirty Duo and continuing Dirty Duets With Swanny Rose. See Shows Pg for More info

Also Brand New Subscription Pages where we can offer music and video direct to subscribers with instant access right on our site.  If you have watched our you may have seen the goodies we've been sending supporters/subscribers and we welcome you to join in the fun. Subscribe or just try it out for a month.  It's a great way to not only support our music but also connect with us directly.  We've grown together so much this year.  In fact it was a subscriber who suggested it.  

This Month you can see what it was like to be a Patreon last year, in a way, we set up Support Our Musical Habits pg so you could see a lyric video of the this months download.  We also try to give folks who get The Dirty a preview as well.  We know nobody wants to buy a song they've never heard.  So let us know what you think and we hope you'll decide to support us next year.

FYI-if you'd like a bit of history Everyday With You Is Like Christmas and Your Hero are the last songs we've recorded featuring Todd Jameson on Bass

Thank you again for all your support

Mark Stone

p.s. Can't wait to make #moremusicin2020 with you



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