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Congratulations if you are reading this email you have almost made it through one of the most catastrophic years anyone can remember.  I hope you had some beautiful moments too.  I would love to hear 👂 and or read your highlights from this year so far.  Hit reply and let me know what has been your highlight so far if you are one of my musician friends please send me a link to your favorite song you released this year.  I wanna hear it.

Oddly while the whole world has seemed shut down and isolated to some I've never felt more connected.  People I haven't been able to connect with or talk to in a long time have been reaching out via good old fashioned email and I thank you all for that. This isn't social media.  It's just you and me and I fuckin miss the drinks we used to have together and the conversations about our mutual love of music. Other than that I've never felt more connected to you or my love of our mutual friend music.

Things Changed drastically for everyone in a lot of ways this year didn't they??? I know a lot of us are hoping to weather this storm but especially all of our friends and families in the clubs and smaller venues.  We definitely want live music back.  But having to be more internet savy these days to stay in touch is important and I think everyone knows what zoom is now right??

So I was thinking.....would any of you like to come to a Zoom EP Release Party?? I am inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 Zoom Release Party
Time: Nov 27, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 407 310 0806
Passcode: knhz7m

I haven't even sprang this on Jeremy yet so I might have to change the time but I will definitely keep everyone posted.  We'll play all the songs off Survive 2020 and talk about where we were at when we wrote em or what was on our mind at the time.  If I can wrangle him in.  Jeremy is still playing live with a few projects.  I haven't played live since March. BYOB or smokem if you gotem.  We thank those of you who except our humble invitation to what is this projects very 1st EP release.  

Russ Lund who also was the artist who brought LaGrunge Music Mascot Minos to life was a no brainer go to for the cover art of the CD (Click Pic Limited Quantity)

And it all started with A Revolution

We roped Russ in from the beginning when we started the project which was probably one of the better decisions I made.  I'd put partnering and collaborating with Jeremy up there it's been quite a year.

This one got dark.  We got a brief that had a strong addiction theme and this one really made me think bout how close I am to the subject.  We all are.  Even Just living in this state Scott Weiland died here.  It doesn't have to be heroin.  Steve Clark also died in this state.  Self Destruct is a sonic warning label against self destructive behaviors and influences. It's a heavy song.

So a bit more light hearted and a bit of confidence this one came after a signing and I was pretty pumped up on it as it was my 1st of the year which meant I could probably do it again if I wrote more

ULTRA-MEGA Trivia if you can the guess the guitarists/bassists or bands each Ace Represents correctly

I will send you a download of your favorite song on it (reply with 4 correct answers to win)

When The Levee Breaks I hope everyone who gets this email already has this. I was introduced to Music Agent Mark Frieser through Jesse Joseffson and his production class Sync My Music.  Mark Frieser runs international Sync Summit and Sync Cafe that does monthly cover challenges. Jeremy and I jumped in and made this one

Future Forward is our message for the the future. Do whatever you can to lend a hand and be a friend we all have a lot of people who really need us.  Jeremy and I wanted to end the EP on a positive note and put some positive ideas into the universe and see what comes back.

There are still a limited amount of CD's available Click picWe also wanna make sure you Subscribe on YouTube

Oh yeah one more thing if you wanna hang out and check out some friends doing cover songs for TV or participate on November 19th at 12pm CST is the syncsummit.com/synccafesignup 

ULTRA-MEGA will be doing a cover of Semisonic's Closing Time and you can check your zoom connection before the big ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 Release Party.

Just click the pic for the Sundays video

Ok so there it is I hope you'll take any 1 or all of these opportunities to connect with us this is as close as I get to socializing these days #truestory

Always Be Good To Each Other And Stay Safe Out There

Mark Stone

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