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Beyond this gate is the Dirty Country Feed

We hope you will join The Dirty Country Band and I on the other side for unreleased songs as we write them, demos, video exclusives and of course a lot more.  What this is really about is rewards for the those who support us. You can contribute at any level and be welcomed as a part of our Dirty Country Family. 

In 2019 the Dirty Country Family supported 2 EP's and 15 singles and inspired the creation of over 100 new songs.  We can't thank you enough but everyone of you are listed in the liner notes for the releases you supported. 

Merch and physical items are only available at live shows, behind this gate and via email.  These items come directly from us.

If you don't see something you'd like and you want it just ask we will do what we can to make it happen within the best of our ability.  Most of the best ideas we've had lately for merch and swag have all come from you so let's keep that going.