1. Future Forward

From the recordings Future Forward and ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP

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Jeremy Schreifels produced this and I mostly just did vocals


Yesterday is gone
a shadow of itself
in the moment there's no promise of tomorrow

ever present in mind the clock is running out of time
ticking the moments we let go
cast into the unknown need to focus

Future Forward

that may one day be your fate
Here And Now its not to late
Dig in dig in new place to begin
foundations for healing within

Looking Future Forward

Here we are where do you wanna be
This Time is ours open your eyes an see
An endless world of possibilities
beyond the galaxies
Search for joy in every day
Wouldn't life look a better livin this way
helping out a friend lending someone a hand
Doing for each other whatever we can
The Time Is Now Pay It

Future Forward

Each day counts us to the last one we have left
There is no escaping the fact
Set your sights on the things you can change
A new point of view might save your day

Future Forward