1. Self Destruct

From the recording ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP

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Self Destruct by ULTRA-MEGA for LaGrunge Music Self Destruct is a sonic warning to avoid addictive self destructive behaviors. Jeremy and I have been writing a lot of songs together that aren't so happy. ULTRA-MEGA was rebooted during Covid and our mutual affection of Grunge rock. As we looked back we discovered rock singer was the deadliest occupation of the 90's.
ULTRA-MEGA pay our respects to all of the fallen and urge everyone to get help talk to a friend let grunge music live http://hope.hazeldenbettyford.org


Self Destruct
All derailed and full of tracks
Headed the wrong way
Never coming back
Not like me to beg
Can't Get enough
Until I self destruct
Like a warm embrace you took me in
Washed away my pain for the moment then
I can't get enough
I self Destruct
Chasing a dragons memory of our 1st kiss
Wish we never met you turned life into this
Giving everything away one needle at a time
Never satisfied
I Self Destruct
Tattoos on my skin
Show me where I’ve been
and the pain where flesh can never heal
the itch I can’t scratch is the only thing thats real.
I Self Destruct