Singin Smilin and Thinkin Bout U

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

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Singin Smilin and Thinkin Bout U was written as you can imagine at a time where loved ones seemed very distant yet were very present on my mind. I catch my wife singin this one a lot hopefully its contagious

Recorded at the Woodshed Studio here in Delano. I wrote and performed the instruments myself during a big writing spurt where the band had taken some time off so I was left to my own devices. It may in fact end up being redone by the whole band at some point but until then I'd like to share it with you all or y'all and see what you think. I'm committed to releasing at least 1 full song for my DirtyCountryFamily on Patreon every month so if you want to have input on these creations and hear them before they are released to the public is something you should check out. Most of the stuff I write has a natural country slant in it even the harder stuff but this one kind of reminds me of a Donny Iris song. What does it remind you of???

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