Hey Party People I'll be playing Friday and Saturday this week  

Just shy of 2 weeks away The Dirty Country Band and I are doing a cover of the Looking Glass Classic "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" for Sync Cafe Wednesday Aug 18th at 12pm CST sign up here if you'd like to join us http://syncsummit.com/synccafesignup/

But tomorrow I'll be at Aurelio's Pizza in Ramsey from 7-11pm


and Saturday I'll be at Flickabirds Resort in Rush City from 7-11pm

Sunday I'll hopefully be back at it putting the finishing touches on Brandy and creating some more music see the post below for more on that and email me if you have some music we should collaborate on.

I better get back at it

Mark Stone


PANDEMETRON is Here!!!!!! 

Click Picture above to download Direct or video below for preview

Pandemetron is the villain of the ULTRA-MEGA story.  Created through a fatally failed experiment by leading scientists working for the United Federation of Hate.  Pandemetron is a symbiotic nano virus borg that exists to grow and spread feeding on entire planets and assimilating everything it consumes to itself as the supreme life form. Pandemetron sees itself as the liberator of the plague of the human race.  Every Villain needs a theme song.

We'd like to thank Russ Lund our very talented visual artist friend for helping us bring ULTRA-MEGA and PANDEMETRON characters to life.  ULTRA-MEGA's next release will take you to Groove City

We hope you'll join us on the many adventures in the sonic and visual landscapes that is ULTRA-MEGA coming September 16th.  Head Backstage if you'd like to hear Groove City before it's publicly released and or if you'd like to see and or hear any of these upcoming titles

Coming July 18thComing July 25thComing Aug 1stcoming Aug 8th Simple ManComing Aug 15th Last Summer by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and on all platforms Aug 19thComing Aug 22ndComing Aug 29thComing Sept 5thand lastly but certainly not leastly the above mentioned Groove City will be on YouTube Sept 12th and on all platforms September 16th.

So that's what's on the immediate horizon musically for us but there's even more music in the works right now as I finish the guitars and vocals for the Beatles Cover Oh Darling we are planning a Ska Fest with an ULTRA-MEGA cover of No Doubt's Sunday Morning and to sail the 7 seas with the Yacht Rock Classic by Looking Glassand if that wasn't enough we thought we'd bring the aliens right to your door with Billy Thorpe's ClassicSo that's what's coming up for us.  If it seems like an overwhelming amount of music you're not alone and thankfully neither am I.  I couldn't make all this music without the help of the LaGrunge Music Families support and or the help of the musical collaborators who have helped me make #moremusicin2021 

That's all for now.  Until next time be good to each other and be safe out there.

Mark Stone


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NEW RELEASE DAY: Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band No Good For Nobody is on ALL platforms 

Streamers:  https://songwhip.com/mark-stone-and-the-dirty-country-band/no-good-for-nobody

Downloaders: https://lagrungemusic.com/album/1920407/no-good-for-nobody

If you like the straight ahead roots rock n roll you might like this one give it a spin and let us know.

So What's next??  We thought this B.T.O cover would be appropriate for Father's DayIf you subscriber to our youtube channel you should be able to view it right now.  Jeremy Schreifels rips up the drums on this and former band mate from Split Second days Jimmy Woynilko shreds up some guitar solos.  Check out the description of the video to find out wheere you can see him now.  We know the waiting is the hardest part so we try to make it easier on folks who subscribe.  Here's a link in case you'd like to. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuoljnWDH_uwnT_x9MG0tA?sub_confirmation=1

Speaking of Subscribers if you are a subscriber to our website and the LaGrunge Family Feed the next couple months are up or darn near if you wanna take a peek but here's a brief over view.

6/27/21 on YouTube

7/4/21 on YouTube

ULTRA-MEGA releases Pandemetron to YouTube 7/11/21 (Backstage hints)

7/18/21 The FunStones cover These Dreams Made popular by Heart

7/25/21 I'll be doing a cover of I Feel The Earth Move by Carol King with my buddy formerly of Juggernaut Erik Fratzke seismically makes his guitar statement in the solo sections.Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's August release is appropriately titled Last Summer coming to YouTube 8/15/21

and last but certainly not least scheduled to come to YouTube 9/12/21is ULTRA-MEGA's future release Groove City 

So that's music as far out as September and it feels pretty good to be able to tell you about it leaving only 3 more months to talk about music in 2021 until we get to 2022.  

Live shows are happening too again which we happily welcome after being shut down most of last year the current events and or home page will have all of these as they occur so check back and come hang out with us when we are at a water hole near you

Tah Tah For Now Until We Meet Again Be Good To Each Other And Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone



The Future Is Now and on all Platforms 

The Future Is Now Is on all platforms today.  https://songwhip.com/ultramega/the-future-is-now

ULTRA-MEGA is working on the next release which will introduce the back round one eyed character ominously looking over the Twin Cities skyline in the Survive 2020 EP, Pandemetron (see pic below) artwork again by Russ Lund.

When Jeremy Schreifels and I kick started ULTRA-MEGA last year during lock down we just wanted to rock and make more music.  Some of the music we were writing together had a more extreme rock flavor more like the Juggernaut days than our current project The Dirty Country Band.

I should also mention that ULTRA-MEGA T's are on sale until June 1st so grab one at the reduced price and save.    If you want to know more about ULTRA-MEGA I highly recommend signing up for our emailer  and or checking out the origin story of ULTRA-MEGA if your world could use a bit more rock music ULTRA-MEGA is definitely for you. 

In Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band news we are hoping to do a couple shows this summer.  We'll see what happens on that front.  Meanwhile the music creation hasn't stopped.  No Good For Nobody is available for website subscribers and to download directly from us https://lagrungemusic.com/album/1920407/no-good-for-nobody Also available for Presave to Spotify users https://show.co/5SVGt3t 

Coming to YouTube Sunday June 13th 

Yes, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band T's and Tanks are also on sale until 6/1/21 if you'd like to pick some new merch and save.

So here's what we have coming up on https://www.youtube.com/c/LaGrungeMusic

5/23/21 The FunStones cover Collective Soul's Shine

5/30/21 The FunStones cover I Love Rock N Roll by the Arrows as made popular by Joan Jett and thee Blackhearts

6/6/21 Mark Stone and the Dirty Country cover BJ Thomas's Another Somebody Does Somebody Wrong Song

6/13/21 as mentioned above Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band release No Good For Nobody

6/17/21 No Good For Nobody by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band is available on all platforms

6/20/21 Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band cover Takin' Care of Business by BTO with Mick A Rotella

6/27/21 The FunStones Cover I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman 

7/4/21 The Fourth of July we currently are taking suggestions on what to cover email your suggestions to me@lagrungemusic.com

7/11/21 ULTRA-MEGA's Video Preview of Pandemetron

That's honestly as far as we've gotten with the release schedule thus far as moving and relocating LaGrungeMusic HQ has been more time consuming than anticipated.  In Fact UPS is here with my studio foam for the walls so I gotta run. 

Until Next Time Be Good To Each Other And Stay Safe Out There

Mark Stone




My Life Story...I suppose I could've called it Our Life Story... 

Out on all platforms April 15th 

My Life Story by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band is currently #1 on the country genre top 50 and #6 in the Top 50 new songs chart on Drooble Radio 


Rhonda's Back on the Microphone for Sunday April18th Right Here Right Now 

And at this point we should be closing on the new LaGrungeMusic HQ a few days after. But really, right here right now besides writing this I'm working on a cover for the Sync Summit Sync Cafe's Go Music Cover Challenge with a ULTRA-MEGA cover of Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" 

Listening Party is Wednesday 12pm cst sign up here http://syncsummit.com/synccafesignup/ if you want a little music with your lunch. If you miss it and or you'd like to hear the song again with the video Rhonda cooked up for it that will be on https://www.youtube.com/c/LaGrungeMusic Sunday April 25th or sooner for folks who subscribe to our emailer or directly to our YouTube channel. 

There's a whole bunch of songs coming after that in what order I have no idea but

the current events page or home page will reflect the up to date changes as they occur.  We hope to do some live outdoor musical things keep your eyes peeled as they'll show up there upon confirmation. 

One last thing for the Rock Fans  

Download Direct and or Presave on Spotify https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/the-future-is-now  

Until Next Time Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There 

Mark Stone me@lagrungemusic.com

My Life Story and The Future Is Now 

Happy Easter Everybody.

Seems like the appropriate time to mention to my friends the reason I wrote this song is to offer an alternative suggestion to the highway to hell.  We all stumble we all fall.  Forgiveness is a very powerful thing.  Hopefully this weekend finds you well surrounded by friends and family.

LaGrungeMusic Headquarters is relocating.  That's big news for Rhonda FunStone and I.  I have a feeling settling into the new place and finally having more dedicated isolated space to make music will ultimately not only result in #moremusicin2021 but even better music from here on out.  I can't wait to create it and create in it.

Right now I'm working on an ULTRA-MEGA cover of Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" for the Sync Summit's Sync Cafe' Cover Challenge from Go Music where the Sync Cafe Community does renditions of 3 classic songs.  "I Love Rock N Roll/Joan Jett/Arrows", "You Sexy Thing-Hot Chocolate", "Kids In America- Kim Wilde".  I also lent my voice in a collaboration with Chu and Alex in the Sync Community if you'd like to check it out thee listening party is Wednesday 12pm cst sign up here http://syncsummit.com/synccafesignup/ or somewhere further down the line it will end up on the YouTube Channel Subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuoljnWDH_uwnT_x9MG0tA?sub_confirmation=1

Next Sunday will be the Video Premiere of My Life Story

We hope you dig the new songs

Did you know we put all the music we release into yearly playlists??

2021 so far



and before that we released Big Cellar and For Stories but that was then and ..........

Click Here to Download Direct and or Click this link to Presave on Spotify https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/the-future-is-now

That's All I got for now.  Next Update should come right to your inbox

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Until Next Time Be Good To Each Other and Stay Safe Out There

Mark Stone


Not Drinking Alone Is Out Everywhere Today 

Not Drinking Alone and the Black and White Album by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band is available on all platforms via your streaming service of choice 


Sunday On LaGrungeMusic I cover Dream On by Aerosmith 2/21/21 https://youtu.be/cnp3FVo6XB4 unless of course you get our emailer. Just a leave us an email via our contact pg or via comment section below and we'll send updates to your inbox.

February 25th Minnesota HomeBrew airs from 6-7pm cst Thursdays at: www.RadioNorthland.org

I'll cover Conway Twitty Hello Darlin for LaGrungeMusic before side stepping to http://mybobcountry.com  for the HomeGrownShow 2/28/21 5pm

The FunStones are back March 7th with

and the 14th will be the Video Debut of ULTRA-MEGA's Battling Resistance Presave on Spotify is available via https://bit.ly/BattlingResistance

that's a lot but we got #moremusicin2021 coming your way 

Be Good To Each Other and Stay Safe Out There 

Mark Stone

#moremusicin2021 Is Well Underway Here's What We Got So Far 

Todays video Girl From Ipanema, Vengeance Is Mine by ULTRA-MEGA and You Can Do Magic by America covered by the FunStone are all on the video playlist above starting out our #moremusicin2021 campaign with a ton of cool new music  and even more coming soon but first.

ULTRA-MEGA release follow up single to Survive 2020 EP:   Vengeance Is Mine https://songwhip.com/ultramega/vengeance-is-mine 

of course we appreciate when you download directly from us 

There will be a zoom listening party Wednesday if you wanna check out the quirky collaboration I did with Nicolas Raiman for the Sync Cafe listening session happening with @Mark Frieser of Sync Summit at 12pm CST Wednesday January 27  syncsummit.com/synccafesignup Cover Challenge of The Girl From Ipanema 

Next Sunday Jan.31st 

Sunday Feb 7th 

Feb 14th on LaGrungeMusic's YouTube Channel and or on ALL platforms Feb.18th Not Drinking Alone on the Black and White Album 

I have no idea what we are doing Feb.21st something cool you won't wanna miss I'm sure but Host Brandon Backstrom and I will be Talking about the Black and White album and Not Drinking Alone Sunday Feb.28th at 5pm CST on the HomeGrown Show on BOB FM

Can't wait for you all to hear the new stuff.  Keep in mind for a $1 you can hear all of our new music 1st 

or until next time 

Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There 

Mark Stone 


HAPPY NEW MFR's #moremusicin2021 is Coming Your Way  

Coming to YouTube 1/17/21 Vengeance Is Mine by ULTRA-MEGA we'll post a link right on the LaGrunge Music Current Events/Home Page when it becomes available to the public or if you like a bit more access sooner we suggest subscribing to our YouTube Channel it's FREE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuoljnWDH_uwnT_x9MG0tA?sub_confirmation=1  

If You Spotify or iTunes https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/vengeance-is-mine

Or our favorite option is the direct approach 

Looking back on 2020 is what everyone is doing right now.  I'm looking ahead honestly.  This year due to covid the Sync Summit will be virtual which means I get to go and I'm pretty excited about making some new connections and collaborations that will make #moremusicin2021 .  There's a listening party for The Girl From Ipanema Wednesday January 17th 12pm CST syncsummit.com/synccafesignup that's only 2 weeks away that's not done.  I also did a couple of quick guitar tracks to start a cover conversation I mentioned earlier and sent out frame work for Not Drinkin Alone a new Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band song that will complete the Black and White album coming in February.  I also sent frame work for a new ULTRA-MEGA song Battling Resistance coming in February. 

Sync Keepers will be virtual  too so it will be cool to reconnect and mix it up with 6FS Alumni and see what happens there.  I'm excited to make more music in sonic conversations we can all have together.  Soo many possibilities.  https://www.catchthemoonmusic.com/synckeepers

Lastly before I get back to mixing You Can Do Magic with Rhonda FunStone on vocals coming to YouTube next Sunday Jan 10th 

I want to recommend http://songtown.com In my opinion if you want to improve your songwriting skills just being able to submit a track per month and getting a pros feedback and insight is invaluable besides all the community and opportunity to collaborate with the organization that wrote the book on Co-writing.

From the FunStones, LaGrunge Music, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and ULTRA-MEGA 

All the Best of Things to Come In 2021


Merry Christmas we are Squeezing In 1 More Blog 

Streamers if you'd like to add our version of Little Drummer Boy


and Country Music Friends Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band are Coming Home for Christmas


Most of ALL Merry Christmas to all of our friends and families for all the collaboration and support this year we'd like to do the same thing but more of it in 2021 which brings us back to our Next release Vengeance Is Mine https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/vengeance-is-mine out on all platforms 1/21/21

But mostly we wanted to make sure you knew you could add and or save Little Drummer Boy because that all happened like a whirlwind but more on the next years blog see you in the New Year or you can always write me@lagrungemusic.com

Be Good To Each Other and Stay Safe Out there