Happy Thanksgiving We're out of Fruit Cake But We Do Have the Cranberries 

We have a preview of ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 out on Youtube right now.  Remember to subscribe and fully ring the bell for all notifications so you are notified as soon as we make a video public.

If you'd like to know more or you just wanna have a few laughs with us and hang out we will be having a Zoom Release Party for ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020

Friday November 27th at 7pm cst that's 8pm est and 5pm pst there will be giveaways and prizes for those who show up and participate and we will be revealing 2 brand new ULTRA-MEGA creations that are as of yet unreleased. Join us.

ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 Release Party Produced By: LaGrunge Music & Empty Page Studios 

Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4073100806?pwd=WjJwL3RCaG91T3czV1pwZU1WSjU0Zz09 

Meeting ID: 407 310 0806 Passcode: knhz7m

Long Long Ago In A Land Not So Far Away...... 

JuggernautMN those who remember the band may not even know they started out as Love Kit but after the Exit of drummer Marc Retish to Nova Mob Grant Hart of Husker Du's post band. Love Kit acquired Dan Haney and shortly after the band changed it's name to Juggernaut.  The band would get the opportunity to record at Paisley Park via a battle of the bands contest held at the Mirage.  The Black Pagoda album they recorded at Paisley Park also saw the band nominated for Best New Metal Album by the MN Music Awards in 1994.Can you guess which one I am?? It's actually harder than I thought my own mudder guessed wrong. lol

I've tried a few times to get us back together and I'll probably keep trying until something happens even if it never does. Danny middle left with his arms folded played some bass for me in the Dirty Country Band.  We had some great luck in Juggernaut and some crushing lows as a band.  Erik Fratzke and I put together Big Cellar and let that loose in to the wild a couple of years ago.  Essentially a double album of Black Pagoda and the second Album our then label Noise Records wasn't interested in and when that shelving had reached its preservation.  If you ask Erik the 2nd album is titled 1,000 names of God which considering its Doomy contents maybe I should've went with that but since we put the 2 together I figure Big Cellar which sounds a lot like Big Seller unless you're reading it from where I'm sitting but it wasn't about that at all.  

We would grow apart and chase our musical differences and come together once a year for the longest time Like that time Fratzke called me up to do a MN tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio and of course I said yes please https://song.space/2kr8m8 .

So we are waxing all nostalgic and Partying Like its 1994 up in here because next Sunday ULTRA-MEGA is doing a cover of Semisonic's Closing Time so we'll be partying like it's 1999.

I'll update the pic and attach the video when it's available.

So the last single from ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 EP Just Can't Lose Drops November 27th and you should be able to then stream it in its entirety from your platform of choice and or If you're a Spotify User you can presave it now https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/survive-2020  and or

should you decide you need a physical copy or even a digital download we support you supporting us.  Not to mention we want all our friends to be able to play our music without a connection should the need arise during the zombie apocalypse

No matter the outcome of the elections we all have to figure out a way to work together to make some changes and I hope we're all on board for that because it's the crazy people who think that they can change things that often do.

Stay Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other

Mark Stone


I've been head down, nose to the grindstone, pretty much all month.  I didn't even blog about my birthday. WAH?? Normally I get all dramatic and recap highlights and lowlights. We have just a day over a week until we rush right through my favorite month of the year and Mother nature decided it's winter in MN so let's do this.

#moremusicin2020 is now officially how I will look back at my productivity which all started with #moremusicin2019.  As a friend or listener you can expect this to incrementally change each year until I cease to exist. Stay tuned for #moremusicin2021 or if you're a subscriber you've seen whats coming up next. What I have realized is that I tend to throw myself into the creative process in times like these for as far back as I can remember. 

It's like therapy.  Maybe it was because I was an only kid or because we moved around so much when I was young but music always spoke to me. Sometimes it was the only language that could.  You can feel the music and working through it has a healing property I can't explain.  If you get it you know what I'm saying. 

I bring this up because on Sunday ULTRA-MEGA previews Self Destruct on YouTube 

Spotify users can still presave https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/self-destruct-2 you can always download it directly from us and as your friends we encourage this as we don't want you without music during the zombie apocalypse and or it will be out on all platforms Thursday October 29th. PreOrder for ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 is over but you can still grab a copy of the CD while supplies last and or Download the EP Directly from us become a Friend of ULTRA-MEGA

COUNTRY MUSIC FANS if you're a Spotify user you can PreSave our last country song of the year 

https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/markstoneandthedirtycountryband/coming-home​​​​​​​ or of course download directly from us by clicking the pic

Or here's what we've released so far.  Thank you all so much.  Every subscribe, follow, like and comment means a lot to us.

Be Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other


Happy Birthday to Creative Partner Jeremy Schreifels  

Happy Birthday to Creative partner and all around kickass individual Jeremy Schreifels 

You can pick up a new tropical island vibe single from him today https://songwhip.com/jeremyschreifels/blue-island

or maybe you're in a country road trip kinda mood, you might like some of Jeremy's wicked train beats in No One Knows Your Name

Just Click on the pic above if you'd like a download directly from us. It will preview Sunday on YouTube and or if you are a Spotify user you can

PreSave it on Spotify

I know it's only Rock n Roll but you like it.  ULTRA-MEGA hears you and we have a lot options available to Right Now <<<<<<<<<CLIICK 

So lots of ways to celebrate Jeremy's Birthday today and or mine coming up it'll last longer than a card and all downloads are eligible for charting via ISRC reporting so if you guys wanna get all crazy and put us in the charts I think we both would agree that would be a pretty cool Birthday present from you guys.

Hope you are all safe warm and well

Be good to each other 

and be safe out there

Mark Stone

Future Forward is on all platforms and included in the ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP Bundle 

Future Forward is on all platforms and included in the ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP Bundle we hope you'll celebrate these songs with us and join us again in 2021 but we all gotta make through December 31st. 

We also dropped a new cover song on YouTube ULTRA-MEGA covers Joan Osborne's One Of Us.

If you haven't subscribed to LaGrunge Music on YouTube Please do. We are spending more time there considering other social networks are restricting users listening experiences YouTube is still the #1 search engine for New music 


Short and sweet for this Dirty Blog

Any Questions, Thoughts or Comments just send me an email

Be Good to Each Other

Stay Safe Out There

Mark Stone



Feel Like You're Falling Behind?? Tis the season 

So we've been working pretty hard here at LaGrunge Music in cooperation with Empty Page Studios to not only bring you more music but better music in 2020.

We had a good stretch of trying to make deadlines behind the scenes and 100% transparency I just finished My Kind of Lover that Rhonda FunStone sings on for this Sundays new video release 2pm CST on http://www.youtube.com/c/LaGrungeMusic

Stop by our channel take in some new music every Sunday 2pm cst lately if you're a subscriber we've been giving you the first shots at some of our new material.if you're digging it tell your friends and thank you for connecting with us.  Because I often forget to remind people that........if you sign up for The Dirty emailer via https://ultramegaband.com/ultra-mega you'll get a free download of ULTRA-MEGA's cover of When the Levee Breaks

But I'm uploading tomorrows video for LaGrungeMusic featuring LaGrungeMusic's own Rhonda FunStone on vocals and I'll try to keep up on the rest 

Running to get dinner and this Blog I stared in the morning is now an early evening event.  Watch the home page 

These just came in and will be added to Pickology

So What I'm trying to say is it's taken all damn day just for me to finish this Sundays video I got a lot to do tonight yet vocally so just in case I sleep In

Here's the link https://youtu.be/WVEsrrtAcHs

You Can get a Free Download Now by subscribing directly through the website, in fact pickology is only $5 and includes all the above pictured and 5 years as a Clayton endorsee before that but I must say these ULTRA-MEGA picks are sweet and the gripXX ink real helps hold on to the damn thing.  Beautiful and functional their work is highly recommended http://intunegp.com/

OK Last and definitely not least if you want a shirt get it some sizes are already unavailable.  We will be doing a preorder for the EP compilation Download Bundle With Shirts with subscribers getting priority style vote before it goes to public for preorder but until then this is the only authorized pressing of 

ULTRA-MEGA's 1st T-Shirt

Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There I got Some work to do if I'm gonna make deadline for up coming Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band release


Start A Revolution Everywhere NOW with ULTRA-MEGA 

Ok by now you know Still Alone is on our site, on YouTube but if you're a streamer you'll be happy to know that it's currently on all your favorite platforms for liking, saving and following.  https://songwhip.com/mark-stone-and-the-dirty-country-band/still-alone 

Start A Revolution is available on all platforms Today https://songwhip.com/ultramega/start-a-revolution and of course on YouTube.  Keep watching an average of 100 or so views a day so far since it's release thank you for watching and listening you can always get the download directly from us.

We Also have a limited number of T-Shirts available 1st come 1st served while supplies last.  If your size is available now I'd grab it.  I doubt this 1st run will be around long.  So if you want one grab it now 

Sunday 2pm CST ULTRA-MEGA would like to Rock With You Again. 

And we got lots #moremusicin2020 coming your way.  We hope it helps we are just trying to do our part to entertain you and keep your mind off the apocalypse 1 song at a time. 

Be good to each other and be safe out there 

Mark Stone 


It's August and We Have New Music 

In fact we are busting out all kinds of new Country Music

 and New Rock Music

Double Feature Sunday Matinee August 2nd Start A Revolution Premiers on YouTube at 2pm cst.  Still Alone will be available on all platforms.

Start A Revolution available directly from us now at https://lagrungemusic.com/ultra-mega-music

but if not from us then out on all your favorite platforms August 6th.  What's Next???  Stay Tuned and Find Out. 


Oh hey and if you sign up via https://lagrungemusic.com/ultra-mega at the bottom of the page you get a Rockin' Free Download. Why Not. 

And August 9th Catch ULTRA-MEGA's cover of Michael Jackson ROCK WITH YOU until we figure out what to do next.

#MoreMusicin2020 Continues with More Musical Possibilities 

Creep Just released Sunday on YouTube if you missed that have a look and a listen RhondaFunStone did this video and all of them except Fixer Upper which Dirty Spice Filmed and shot and Rhonda Edited.  It's good to have super talented friends and partners.

Tomorrow 12pm CST Sync Cafe we will be listening to ALL of the revisions for previous cover songs and if you'd like a 3 week early preview of Rock With You by Michael Jackson as covered by ULTRA-MEGA you'll want to meet me for lunch 12pm CST tomorrow at the Sync Cafe syncsummit.com/synccafesignup

Otherwise the video with the song will debut on YouTube August 9th.

Sunday July 26th Will be the YouTube Debut of Still Alone by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band available for download now

As heard on BOB FM here's the replay of Jeremy and I on BOB FM 

Start A Revolution is live now on Drooble radio

We've embedded the radio player here and on the front page.  Every spin counts so come back as often as you like.

If you'd like a download you could grab it now by subscribing to our https://lagrungemusic.com/lagrunge-music-family-feed

Or hit up our brand new https://lagrungemusic.com/ultra-mega-music

We definitely appreciate all of your support and we are determined and committed to bringing you new better quality music made fresh daily.

That's it for this Dirty Blog but I should mention if you haven't already go to the ULTRA-MEGA pg then scroll down and leave your email for a FREE download


Until Next Time Be Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other

Mark Stone