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2pm CST Sunday Everything She Wants by Wham! as covered by ULTRA-MEGA will be on

and if you haven't been sensing a theme we showing are showing a new video Every Sunday 2pm CST for as long as we are able.


I have been playing music in bars since before I was of even of legal age to do so but this COVID-19 VIRUS has made that virtually impossible so I've been jamming with friends via the home studio.  Rewind to February we released It's True you may have noticed an unfamiliar name.  Jeremy Schreifels.

and here he is. This picture was taken while I was in the audience and he was playing drums with Sailor Jerri who just started her Kickstarter Campaign so they are going to be coming out with some new music to watch out for. 

Sorry back to our story Jeremy and I since starting to work together in Feb have created an EP of Cover Tunes and also reformed ULTRA-MEGA. We are currently working on a Full Album for ULTRA-MEGA.  So needless to say Jeremy is a monster drummer and avid creator who never really asks for the spotlight /maybe prefer to stay out of it but he's all rockstar and a helluva great guy who deserves a proper introduction to The Dirty Country Family. So for those of you keeping track at home that means that other than Your Hero which feature Todd Jameson and Nick Poshek and a couple of songs I produced myself Jeremy and I are responsible for 11 songs on this list 

and the albums worth of tunes for ULTRA-MEGA that as of yet are unreleased.  Would you be interested in supporting the New ULTRA-MEGA album?? Let us know in the comments below and or sign up to get the Dirty and we'll keep you informed as best as we can.  
So This Sunday Watch Youtube at 2pm

Next Sunday July 19th Tune Into My Bob Country  5pm CST

Where Jeremy( see above) and I (right) will Join Brian Powers (Left) on the illustriously Fabulous Homegrown Show. It's always fun to talk about music with Brian I'm sure we'll talk about the passing of one of our favorite Legends Charlie Daniels and we'll be debuting Fixer Upper for local radio and maybe even a sneak peak at next months covid inspired Still Alone as well as a bunch of cool music from friends and members of the Midwest CMA.  Sunday July 19th, 5-6pm CST

Lastly we will be releasing Still Alone on YouTube one week before its available on all other platforms but if you'd like

the download it will be available directly from us 

It's alway good to have choices and friends.  Thank you for checking in with me.  I'm hoping to at least do a couple of live events before the snow falls.  Any and all live appearances will be noted on the shows page.  Any questions thoughts or comments you are welcome to leave them below or email


Fixer Upper Available on all of your favorite platforms and always directly from us. 

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Can you Believe 2020 it ½ over??? Easily the Strangest year in existence on earth by far and there's still more roller coaster to ride. We got #moremusicin2020 coming your Way.

Premiere of "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys covered by ULTRA-MEGA Sun, July 5th 2pm CST 

Everything She Wants by Wham! as covered by ULTRA-MEGA for LaGrunge Music July 12th 2pm CST

Creep by Radiohead as covered by ULTRA-MEGA for LaGrunge Music Premieres in 18 days July 19, 2:00 PM CST

Rock With You by Michael Jackson as covered by ULTRA-MEGA for LaGrunge Music but that video is still being made no link currently available.

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2020 is almost ½ way over June Makes Way For July and Summer Is Here 

It's hard for most of us to believe that 2020 is almost ½ way over.  Summer is here but so is COVID-19 and everyone in the world has changed because of it.  At first it seemed to bring us together like the world for a brief moment would come together to face an invisible enemy that literally had a strangle hold on the entire world.  It didn't take long for that to turn around and explode.  I myself haven't been any where other than the grocery store for curb side pick up for months. But close friends of mine and pics posted make it look like a bomb went off in Minneapolis. It's really confusing and a lot of misinformation is out there.  The good news is some things are slowly coming back.  

My buddies in the Hell Country Truckers just did a show last night at Le Musique room in Albertville outside in the parking lot.  It was like a drive in rock concert cool idea and very respectfully a lot of folks stayed in their cars but none the less enjoyed the music.  Sponsored by our friends at BOB FM.  Speaking of BOB FM July 19 a little more than a month from now I'll be Back on the Homegrown show but you should tune in every Sunday at 5pm with your new host Brandon Backstrom here's a link to listen live 

Because of the high risk of my household family members we will be watching over the next months and will hopefully be returning to live venues soon but until then we've been jamming in the studio with friends and tomorrow at 2pm CST our reimagination of the Doors Roadhouse Blues will Premier on YouTube

I even have a bit of a teaser to tide you over till then if you like

Top one for tomorrow teaser below it that was mostly for me because they both have the same thumb nail but if your easily confused like me it could help you too. We've been putting out a new video every week since April and it's been getting a little bigger each time which is always cool we'd love it if you subscribed and joined us and or pencil us in for any upcoming Sunday at 2pm CST here's what the schedule looks like past this Sunday

Premiere of "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls Sun, Jun 21

Premiere of "Fixer Upper" by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band Sun, Jun 28

Premiere of "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys Sun, July 5th


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Lastly we are bubbling over to make a very cool musical announcement that will mean even #moremusicin2020 and some of you have been asking for awhile for this so we know some of you are gonna dig it and I couldn't be more vague but there's more right now on the the Dirty Country Family Feed 

Until next time.  Please be good to each other  and be safe out there

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Can't Keep A Secret NOR Should You. 

Now that every musician artists and music professional I know is getting back to work today please remember that this won't change with complacency we need to actively be the voice as artists for the change we seek.  This road and this path will not be easy but nothing good ever is and if you'd like a good reason to inspire you turn on any news outlet.  This is way beyond a MN problem. It's a United States Problem and I hope and pray that what happened to George Floyd NEVER EVER happens again.

We have a ton a new music coming at you this month including an opportunity to hear reimagined/cover versions of Alicia Keys Girl On Fire TODAY at 12pm CST you can hear along with the artists the reactions to their creations and even give some feedback of your own if you'd like.

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Sundays 2pm CST On YouTube:

Premiere of "Girl You Want" by Devo Sun, Jun 7

Premiere of "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors Sun, Jun 14

Premiere of "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls Sun, Jun 21

Premiere of "Fixer Upper" by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band Sun, Jun 28

Premiere of "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys Sun, July 5th

You may have noticed that since the gigs have been called off all of these online appearances are also listed right on our home or SHOWS

We are dedicated to continue to bring you #moremusicin2020 here's what we've been up to So Far

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Only A Few Days Left to Decide 

How are you doing in the middle of the pandemic zombie apocalypse??  I hope you are fairing well and that you and your loved ones are safe. 

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Lots of New Music for #moremusicin2020 here's a video recap

We got lots more Music coming for you too like a brand new country song And Or The New Cover For Me Song By Black Wonderful Life

coming soon only the voters know when.  Could be you or maybe not any questions thoughts or comments use the contact form below or email Be Good To Each Other And Stay Safe Out There

Mark Stone



Double YouTube Friday Funday Afternoon Show 12pm CST Features Light Up The Party and Lean On Me Debuts 

Double YouTube Friday Funday Afternoon Show Features Light Up The Party 

and or if you aren't really feeling that festive we hope to at least make you smile with this tribute to the late great Bill Withers

I wanna thank those of you who have given me so much and you know who you are.  I really do appreciate all you enablers of my musical habits it is my drug and you people are the best.  Speaking of which subscribers we are letting you pick the release for June.  We have a few songs backstage and we can't figure it out so rather than all that infighting we all agreed you should pick it.  If you subscribe before May 15 you can choose what we release and Be Our A&R Guy/Gal

Like It Like It Gotta Have It Premiers on YouTube 3/25/20 Noon CST

If you missed the radio debut we thought you might like to catch it on YouTube

There's still time to PreSave if you're a Spotify User

It should be just about everywhere April 1st (and I'm NOT kidding)

Two Demos and a new Download for April if you're a subscriber


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Covid-19 Confessions 

It's True COVID-19 is effecting us all over the world.  I watched Zac Brown break down because he had to layoff 90 people he'd just spent the last 5 years with and I wouldn't wish that on any one.  It's bad enough all my local friends who depend on the venues, the cooks, waitresses, bartenders and owners.  It sort of feels like a bad reality tv version of punked only it's not funny.

What's Next?? 

After Freaking out for a bit because there's no way in hell this is only impacting 14 days I'm going to take this as a sign. 

Funny story 2nd time I went full time into music it was by necessity.  I got laid off  from my truck driving job and then started gigging in 3 projects

NO GIGGING ALLOWED right now sooooo a ton of my friends are going live and or you can join me in watching the replays on Midwest Music TV

April 1st is less than 13 days away lets hope things get a little closer to normal by then.

Would You Guys Like to See Me Go Live?? When?? Make sure to reply with your preference Friday, Saturday or Sunday and what time I'll take the most popular requests and Go Live on the bands Facebook Page check back tomorrow for pinned post.

Like It Like It Gotta Have it if you were into Start A Revolution last year, this years heaviest song is this little ditty right here LIKE IT LIKE IT GOTTA HAVE IT 

Grab it Right Now it is this months Download in the Dirty Country Feed along with 2 new demo posts this month In The Dirty Country Family Feed 

We Also Have the Drinkin Songs EP which you can still get a physical copy of if you order before April1st.

You can find all the new releases and previous as well on THE MUSIC PG 

Sunday April 19th will be another star studded Midwest CMA SingerSongwriter Showcase Join us 

So I totally missed video for #1 which means we'll have to have all those guest back to do it again meanwhile if you'd like to check out a bunch of my super talented friends check out Midwest CMA Common House Party #2 or the Midwest CMA Common House Party #3

Ok Lastly Maybe you're looking for some entertainment for your private party we still have limited dates available in 2020 

Just let me know if you have any Questions, Thoughts or Comments  

Maverick Mark Stone 

(kinda has a ring to it)