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Gotta Make It

Mark D Stone

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I attended a Sync or Swim Mentorship Workshop and poof this song is the result of that. Thank you Robbie Hancock and the Sync or Swim Community. It could really support a scene in which the character is struggling to reach the end goal and is facing adversity but keeps pushing harder to get there rather than quitting

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Hello my name is Mark Stone, I’m a singer songwriter guitar playing producer.  

From Grove City, Minnesota where I do most of my Gigs and where my Studio is. 

          I perform and record music with Mark D. Stone, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band, ULTRA-MEGA and the FunStones.             these projects do a variety of music from Stomp Clap to Country and Rock.  

Mark Stone & the Dirty Country Band originated in 2012 

ULTRA-MEGA was a Band started in 1999 that rebooted after Covid 2019

Mark D Stone is the name that I put on music I write/record/and produce myself. 

My voice has been featured in commercials and video games. My songs have been used to support commercials, video games, TV and Film. 

I am looking forward to many more years of SongWriting & Performing.  

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