Country and Midwestern Rock Band For People Who Like Both Kinds Of Music”

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Hailing from Minnesota, Mark Stone & the Dirty Country Band originated in 2012 as a solo project.  It evolved into a full band comprised of Mark Stone (Vocals & Guitar), Todd Michael Jameson (Vocals & Bass) and Johnny Strutt (Lead Drummer) 

The band wad gigging regularly and putting out new music. See MUSIC Tab for more info. The band has performed at many notable venues and events across the country, such as SXSW, Moondance Jamming Country Fest and Riverbendfest amongst many others. 

Mark D Stone is a member of the Midwest Country Music Orginization. And received the 2019 Maverick Award from the Midwest Country Music Organization.

Amid Covid the Band disbanded and all went on to do their own things. 

Mark D Stone is a Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, Executive Producer owner of LaGrunge Music, Mark Stone & The Dirty Country Band & ULTRA-MEGA Band.  I have my own Solo Show and gig regularly. 

Todd Michael Jameson is now doing his solo gigs all around the Midwest and on occasion in Arizona.

Johnny Strutt moved on to be the drummer for The Rock Godz

We still try to get together at least once a year if schedules permit.

And now Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band is still producing music with,  Mark D Stone & Jeremy Schreifels.                        Jeremy became my writing partner in 2020. He is the Drummer on almost all the recording of the band 2020 and beyond. 

Jeremy Schreifels is a Touring Drummer, Executive Producer, Island Mentor, 2x Best-Selling Author, & Speaker



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