ULTRA-MEGA is here 


2020 was the year the phrase hindsight is 2020 was banned from all existence.   Humanity was paying for 100’s of years of neglecting and disrespecting the planet we live on and the very people that live on it. 

Mother Nature being a genius in the area of genetics created the deadly virus Covid-19 and humanity for one brief moment saw what they had done and begged Mother Nature for forgiveness but it was too late the damage had been done and it wasn’t the kind of thing you can take back or a decision that a mother makes lightly. 

But that was so long ago……today we live on a vessel that dwarves the planet Earth and yet humanity faces another form of extinction. As organics became scarce humanity had to turn to synthetics for nutrients and now we are more machine than anything else.  Ironic as the we reflect back on the struggles of race, class and equality we’ve now evolved into what our ancestors would consider Cyborg or Symbiotic living machine life forms all equally capable of the greatest and the evilest of things. 

There is no greater Malignancy of our Present time than the United Federation of Hate rumored to have been responsible for early genetic testing as far back as 1930’s but is now a force throughout the galaxy that seeks to delete what’s left of humanities consciousness and upload 1 consciousness for all erasing  what’s left of the renegades and the independents of humanity.  We are writing you this now because we only have one shot to send the ULTRA-MEGA bot back to the 1990’s and try to make things right. 

ULTRA-MEGA was met in the 1990’s by the same fear that birthed the early Foundations of the Federation of Hate as expected and unexpectedly also by humanity as you can imagine a terminator style humanoid isn’t gonna get the best reception. ULTRA-MEGA was Badly damaged trying to escape the US army and used the last engloid capsule to propel him to 2020 hoping to stop the creation of the virus but things haven’t evolved  here in 2020 too much and if not for Jeremy and Myself ULTRA-MEGA would still be in the scrap yard but we needed a lamp for our rehearsal space.  And I sawULTRA-MEGA’s head at the salvage yard which looked like the coolest lamp I’d ever seen but with bare wires coming out the bottom so imagine my surprise when I spliced it with the 3 prong plug in and plugged it into the wall at our space.  There was a spark and I jumped to pull the plug and before I could his eye started glowing red and Pearl Jam Alive started playing.  Ha I said outloud its a radio too.  It wasn’t long before some odd shit started happening.  I mean besides the rioting and the pandemic just outside everyones door even.  The radio would echo in this broken up voice at first and soon echo phrases and it wasn’t long until this freaked out lookin radio was trying to communicate with us through 90’s grunge rock. 

ULTRA-MEGA was born.

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