1. Better Man

From the recordings The Sequel and Country Love Songs

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<p><span>I love you like a fat kid loves cake&nbsp;</span></p>
<div>I love you so much it aches&nbsp;</div>
<div>I love you when I'm feeling down&nbsp;</div>
<div>I love you when you're not around&nbsp;</div>
<div>I really love you and I hope you understand&nbsp;</div>
<div>you make me a better man&nbsp;</div>
<div>I've made a lot of mistakes in this life</div>
<div>I might have a regret or two</div>
<div>but I became the luckiest man on this earth&nbsp;</div>
<div>when you said I do&nbsp;</div>
<div>I don't deserve the love that you give the me&nbsp;</div>
<div>you're like an angel sent from above&nbsp;</div>
<div>but I'll do everything to be a better man just to win your love</div>