From the recordings The Sequel and Country Love Songs

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<p><span>I Wanna Kiss You In the Country&nbsp;</span></p>
<div>your arms around me like a sunday drive</div>
<div>dirt roads winding through the tall trees</div>
<div>not another car in site for miles</div>
<div>Your lips are sweeter than candy</div>
<div>forget the city for tonight</div>
<div>I wanna kiss you in the country&nbsp;</div>
<div>and lay you down for awhile</div>
<div>Seems like it&rsquo;s been to long way to long since I&rsquo;ve seen that pretty smile</div>
<div>cell phones keeps ring ringing and every other distraction to keep us apart</div>
<div>I gotta get you back in the shotgun seat and make tracks where theres nothing else around</div>
<div>Crickets N frogs sing a symphony in the moonlight to the beating of our hearts</div>