From the recordings The Sequel and Drinkin Songs

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<p>You know if I could I would give you the sky some kind of stratospheric promise I could make</p>
<p>My feelings I have for you are nothing I can hide my emotions are nothing I can fake&nbsp;</p>
<p>Oh it's hard to trust a man I could never let you down again</p>
<p>I know I haven't been the best man all the time and half the time and half the man I want to be&nbsp;</p>
<p>it's hard to depend on the little boy he's dreaming all the time you got to grow up and carrier weight</p>
<p>Oh no not again it's the whiskey talkin'</p>
<p>There's nothing better for me than the feeling of your body surrounding mine&nbsp;</p>
<p>it's a feeling I got to have for the rest of my days the feeling last me the rest of my life</p>