1. Your Hero
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Your Hero
You're my weakness theres nothing I wouldn't do
It's like a shot of kryptonite straight through my heart hopelessly loving you
I wanna fly you away to a fortress built for 2
Live the fantasy and the kind of things I only wish you knew

I can be the superman that makes your dreams come true
when your love gets thrown away
Let me be the arms you fall into

I Could Be Your Hero
I could show you what it's like
to be loved more and more each day
for the rest of your life
never leave you lonely with a word i'll be by your side
Take my hand I'll show you how our love can grow
Let me be Your Hero
I could be Your Hero

I wanna save you from the villains who want to steal your love
Build my world around you holding no one else above
Protect you from all evil keep you safe from harm
When the night gets cold and dark I'll be there to keep you warm