1. It's True

From the recordings It's True and Black and White Album

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just an ole fashioned unrequited love song


It's True
All I got left to hold are the tears drying in my hands
Can't blame you for wanting more than the love of a broken man
I Count the mistakes that made your heartbreak
Just tell me what I can do to be the one you love again.
Yeah it's True
balled my eyes out like a baby losing you
Things I should've done driving me crazy like a
Fool And now we're through
Because of me
Made mistakes I won't make again
I Hope you'll see
The lonely stars in the midnight sky and be thinking of me
Cause I'm thinking of you
yeah it's true
Should've come first I learned the hard way what I should've known then
What can I say What can I do to be the one you Love again
Repeat Chorus