1. Pandemetron

From the recordings Pandemetron and ULTRA-MEGA Black Album

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Pandemetron is the planet devouring cyborg produced by a failed experiment by the leading scientists working for the United Federation of Hate and every villain needs a theme song


Pandemetron by ULTRA-MEGA
Writers Jeremy Schriefels and Mark Stone

Called by defense systems of Earth we are the end of all planets suffering and the end of the human race

There is no place to run your planets will and ours be done
Consuming all until all are one
All become Pandemetron

rumors and stories will tell
we have come for you as well
consuming all until all are none


adapting feeding we grow and spread
consuming til we are all that’s left
your light is ours now livin dead
we are Pandemetron
There is no place to run your planet and our will are one
Consumed all until now we are one
ALL become Pandemetron