1. Crank It UP

From the recordings Crank It Up and ULTRA-MEGA Black Album

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Crank It UP

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Crank It Up it a celebration of turning your loud music up louder and living in the moment


waiting so long just to sing my song X 2
Anthem for the broken and the damned
together we are strong
Tomorrow is never promised so live every moment
in a flash its gone we may never be here again so
Crank It Up
Yeah Rock n Roll Guitars turn em up real loud
Yeah loud and proud never turning it down
the thunder of the drums and bass shaking the ground
Bang your head pump your fist we may never get another chance to
Crank It UP
High volume intensity
Let it all go living wild and free
Yeah it’s gonna make it feel alright
Turn the volume up to the right

Never gonna turn it down I wanna hear it loud loud and proud