From the recording What in Tarnation


Spring has sprung the rain is gone all blue skies not a ghost of a cloud in the way
Everything smells green if you know what I mean and the suns dancing on my face
Can't help think about wasting the days just sheltering in place
now the world is opening and it's time to take in everything we missed
Time to move on from all that bummer this one is gonna be better than
Last Summer

Patio Surfing with the music loud laughing and drinking and having a ball
everyone is staying no one's leaving until the bouncer yells last call
don't have to go home but can't stay here ringing in your ears
It was a helluva night I'd call it a stunner and already better than we had
Last Summer

Pack up the guitars and cooler we're gonna do it again
gonna party like it's 1999 like the whole worlds gonna end
and if we wake up tomorrow we'll just invite more friends
Keep this party hopping make it an all night runner and party like this is our last summer