Start A Revolution Everywhere NOW with ULTRA-MEGA

Ok by now you know Still Alone is on our site, on YouTube but if you're a streamer you'll be happy to know that it's currently on all your favorite platforms for liking, saving and following. 

Start A Revolution is available on all platforms Today and of course on YouTube.  Keep watching an average of 100 or so views a day so far since it's release thank you for watching and listening you can always get the download directly from us.

We Also have a limited number of T-Shirts available 1st come 1st served while supplies last.  If your size is available now I'd grab it.  I doubt this 1st run will be around long.  So if you want one grab it now 

Sunday 2pm CST ULTRA-MEGA would like to Rock With You Again. 

And we got lots #moremusicin2020 coming your way.  We hope it helps we are just trying to do our part to entertain you and keep your mind off the apocalypse 1 song at a time. 

Be good to each other and be safe out there 

Mark Stone

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